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Provider Services
Toll Free Call Center
Part A Providers, including Hospital, SNF, Hospice Telephone: (866) 590-5598
Fax: (702) 240-5595
Part B and DME Providers Telephone: (866) 376-2319
Fax: (702) 240-5510
Discussion FAX #
Hospital and Hospice (702) 240-5595
Physician/DME (702) 240-5510

MAC Contact Information
MAC Contact Information
Noridian Healthcare Solutions JF Part A: (877) 908-8431
JF Part B: (877) 908-8431
JE Part A: (855) 609-9960
JE Part B: (855) 609-9960
DME: (866) 243-7272
Wisconsin Physician Services (866) 580-5981
National Government Services (866) 590-6724
Cigna Government ServiceS (877) 299-4500

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CMS Contact Information
CMS Contact Information
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